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Oct 15

The Poetry Bash


A CELEBRATION OF MIDWEST POETS Grassroots Organization Brings Poets From Across the Region to Gather and Perform in Celebration of Underground Literature at the Book Release of This Is Poetry Volume II: The Midwest Poets. A diverse mix of poets will read their work at the upcoming “Poetry Bash” event on November 7, 2015 at …

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Jul 29


THIS IS POETRY VOLUME 2 THE MIDWEST POETS PRE-ORDER NOW $12 for shipping August 13th regular price $15 CONTINENTAL USA ONLY BUY NOW Paperback: 168 pages Publisher: Citizens for Decent Literature Press (August 2015) Language: English ISBN-10: 0692495886 ISBN-13: 978-0692495889 CONTRIBUTORS: Mark James Andrews, James Babbs, Walter Beck, David Blaine, Sirenna Blas, April Michelle Bratten, …

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Dec 30

ppigpenn interviews

thanks to Catfish McDaris there are a bunch of new interviews from writers near and far up at the ppigpenn. seems he went out of his way to gather up words from folks all over. and i appreciate that. good stuff. some you have probably heard of and some not. which is right in line …

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Aug 02

Got Poetry? A public service announcement!


Got Poetry? Unwanted poetry is a public safety issue, leading to accidental poisoning, overdose and abuse. Academic poetry can be just as deadly as street poetry when read without supervision. The use of poetry ranks second only to marijuana as the most common cause of death amongst members of Generation X in America. The majority …

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Jul 14

Citizens for Decent Literature #7

Citizens for Decent Literature is a project of The Literary Underground. CfDL #7 is now live. Alan Catlin, Tim Murray, Carl Miller Daniels, Len Kuntz, Leah Angstman, Michael D. Grover, Brian W. Fugett, Larry Duncan, David Blaine, Bree, William Taylor Jr., Sarah E. Alderman, Ted Jackins, Heather Dorn, H. Lynnette Barr, Rebecca Ferlotti, J Claudius …

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Jul 07

I Was Raped By 17 Large UFOs

(the complete history of my sex life:1977-2011) I had sex with a giant potato I had sex with a devil of twine I had sex with a martian bumblebee I had sex with a frozen banana I had sex with a lesbian gorilla I had sex with an empty tuna can I had sex with …

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Wednesday Night Service: L-I-C-K-I-T. February 6, 2013


Wednesday Night Service: L-I-C-K-I-T. February 6, 2013

Included in this episode: Shelley Chernin, Tim Murray, Heather Las Ketchup Dorn, Michael Grover, Brian W. Fugett, Michelle L. Quinn, Michael D. Goscinski and some other random shit

Dec 29

In the year 2012

Now Playing @ Citizens for Decent Literature began publishing poetry, short stories, essays and rants on January 1, 2012 every third day. In August 2012 the publishing schedule switched to monthly issues with the first issue on August 15th. http://nowplaying.citizensfordecentliterature.com/ Contributors Afzal Moolla, Alan Britt, Aleksandr Smechov, Alex Nodopaka, Ally Malinenko, Andrew Rihn, Anneliese Mackintosh, …

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Oct 16

New Issue at Citizens For Decent Literature

the third online issue of CFDL is now live. Issue #3 – Indulge http://nowplaying.citizensfordecentliterature.com/ James Babbs, Brenton Booth, Mike Boyle, Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Carl Miller Daniels, Brian Fugett, Nick Gerrard, John Grey, John Grochalski, Teri Louise Kelly, George Korolog, Keith Landrum, Catfish McDaris, Tim Murray, Josh Olsen, Rob Pierce, Kevin Ridgeway, Jason Ryberg, Amy Sasser, …

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Oct 15

Yep, Another Library Pome

by Tim Murray “Hello horses!” said the horse. — Bernard Wiseman Clark Coolidge musta stubbed his big toe While carrying a platter of words Spilled ‘em all over the page he did And I’m gonna make it outta this hogdamn Generation without getting tattooed Yeah I’m an old hermit grouch Peering from behind the grumpy …

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