Dec 30

ppigpenn interviews

thanks to Catfish McDaris there are a bunch of new interviews from writers near and far up at the ppigpenn. seems he went out of his way to gather up words from folks all over. and i appreciate that. good stuff. some you have probably heard of and some not. which is right in line with what’s behind pretty much everything we do at the LU.

i’m proud to be a part of it and i hope you’ll check out the interviews. maybe discover a new favorite poet/writer/artist. ppigpenn is also accepting submissions of poetry, flash, and art. so send us something.

have a happy new year… forgive more, love harder, and all that other groovy shit people get all resolutiony about at least once a year. me, i think i’ll quit smoking. #hahaha



Glenn Cooper, Alain Crozier, Gary Cummiskey, Eric Dejaeger, Jocelyne Desforges, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Paul Hawkins, Azriel Johnson, Tim Murray, Valli Poole, Kevin Ridgeway, Van Roberts, Sarer Scotthorne, Ben John Smith, Kenneth Trimble, Philip Vermaas, Mercedes Webb-Pullman, and Ali Znaidi. there’s also one from me in there