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Nov 04

Screamin’ Skull Press: New releases from TONY NESCA AND NICOLE I NESCA

Broken Pencil Canzine 2014

Screamin’ Skull Press (http://screamingskullpress.blogspot.ca/) presents a duel book release from TONY NESCA AND NICOLE I NESCA HOBO Hobo is the sixth novel of underground writer Tony Nesca, a rambunctious, rebellious drunk-happy love story about a struggling writer who moonlights as a Night Watchman at a college located right in the middle of the ghetto. His …

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Jan 26

the debut issue of Blotterature Literary Magazine is now LIVE


http://blotterature.com/ contributors: Amy Lindsey, ira joel haber, Carol Moore, Tim Murray, Carla Winterbottom, K.A. McGowan, Roberta Turner, Peter Fraser, Isaac Blum, William Taylor Jr., J.B. Mulligan, Miguel Gardel, Thaddeus Rutkowski, E.B. Ellis, Nicole Montalvo, Kayla Greenwell, Lee Olsen, Janine Rivett, Suzanne Cope, Aaron Fine, Toke Hoppenbrowers, Maximillian Jackson, Rev. Dr. David Breeden, Joe Gianotti, Kachan …

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Jan 26

Gutter Eloquence Issue #29


http://www.guttereloquence.com/ contributors: P.A. Levy, Robin Engst, David Adkins, Christopher K. Hanson, Mark J. Andrews, Dave Gregg, Holly Day, Scurvy Bastard, Michael Frias-May, Steve Klepetar, Brenton Booth, Herb Guggenheim, Athena Nilssen, BZ Niditch, Jack Henry, Michele McDannold, Luis C. Berriozabal, Jon Wesick, Marjorie Sadin, Fotis Tzanakis, John Grochalski, Ford Dagenham

Aug 28

New Release: Tollbooth by BUD SMITH


“A gloriously deranged, endless orginal adventure through every day bat country.” – Gabriel Ricard, Drunk Monkeys TOLLBOOTH, a new novel from Bud Smith, author of Or Something Like That Jimmy Saare collects tolls on the New Jersey Parkway. He’s had a mental snap, as a result, is becoming uncontrollably fixated with the 19 year old …

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Jul 31

Book Release from Strange Attractor Press


“Engaging… packed with interest” – The Times Literary Supplement “The cultural scope of the book is dizzying” – The Quietus “Amiable… thoughtful… very intriguing” – Art Monthly “Fascinates” – Mojo Magazine What are the connections between Leonardo da Vinci and Dick Whittington, between the BBC Monitoring Service and punk band The Clash, between wartime military …

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Jul 27

Regardless of Authority #2

Regardless of Authority Issue Two is now live. It features poetry from Edward Krzeminski, Tim Peeler, Adrian Manning, April Michelle Bratten, Melanie Browne, Walter Thomas Beck III, Michele McDannold, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Nathan Graziano, Jason Fisk, and JJ Campbell. It also features photography and art from David Thompson, Eugenia Loli, Melanie Browne, Jennifer Tomaloff, Ben …

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Jul 15

Zygote in my Coffee #142

Zygote in my Coffee #142 is now LIVE! Heather L Nelson, Brad Hamlin, Michele McDannold, Shane Allison, Ian Mullins, J.J. Campbell, William Taylor Jr., Cassandra Dallett, Kevin Ridgeway, Jon Bennett, Walter Thomas Beck III, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Doug Draime, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Jessica Caudill, Ben Newell, Len Kuntz, Jessica Caudill, Eddie Krzeminski and Michael D. Goscinski …

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Feb 27

New book by RC Edrington from Underground Voices

C. Powell, publisher and editor of Underground Voices, has set up a Facebook page for the forthcoming book (June 15, 2013) “Scarred Canvas” by RC Edrington. Please support his efforts, and the book of course, by visiting the Facebook page: Scarred Canvas. You’re also encouraged, should you chose, to spread the word through Google+. A …

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Feb 01

New Issue of Citizens For Decent Literature

Citizens For Decent Literature Issue #5: AMERICA! (and everywhere else) Contributors Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Rich Boucher, Tom Bradley, Alan Catlin, Jack Cooper, Cassandra Dallett, Carl Miller Daniels, William Doreski, Lisa Douglass, Andrew Finch, Brian W. Fugett, Michael Grover, Dustin Holland, Fran Lock, Richard King Perkins II, Rebecca Schumejda, Ben John Smith, Bud …

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Feb 01

Zygote Mania!

Issue #140 of Zygote in my Coffee is now LIVE on the interwebs! This issue features the work of Sarah Alderman, Bud Smith, Michael D. Goscinski, Andrew James Stone, Ted Jackins, Dustin Holland, Paul Corman-Roberts, Karl Koweski, Chris Butler, Carl Miller Daniels, Brian Rosenberger, J.J. Campbell, Euginia Tan, J. Claudius Cloyd, and many more! http://www.zygoteinmycoffee.com/ …

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