Jan 26

the debut issue of Blotterature Literary Magazine is now LIVE



contributors: Amy Lindsey, ira joel haber, Carol Moore, Tim Murray, Carla Winterbottom, K.A. McGowan, Roberta Turner, Peter Fraser, Isaac Blum, William Taylor Jr., J.B. Mulligan, Miguel Gardel, Thaddeus Rutkowski, E.B. Ellis, Nicole Montalvo, Kayla Greenwell, Lee Olsen, Janine Rivett, Suzanne Cope, Aaron Fine, Toke Hoppenbrowers, Maximillian Jackson, Rev. Dr. David Breeden, Joe Gianotti, Kachan Chatterjee, Kenneth Pobo, Jessica Thelen, Stephanie Schultz, Kathe Davis, David Potsubay, John Swain, Gary Kay, Ted Jackins, Michael Lee Johnson, Mark Lamoureux

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