Feb 27

New book by RC Edrington from Underground Voices

C. Powell, publisher and editor of Underground Voices, has set up a Facebook page for the forthcoming book (June 15, 2013) “Scarred Canvas” by RC Edrington.

Please support his efforts, and the book of course, by visiting the Facebook page: Scarred Canvas. You’re also encouraged, should you chose, to spread the word through Google+.

A few of the early reviews are posted.

“Lamentations of lost love and empty syringes as a seedy disdain proliferates in dark alleys and cigarette ashes. Brutal angst of self-creation, bitter as a $10 blow-job, spills with JD and gutted memories. If Quentin Tarantino wrote poetry, well.. you get my drift.” –Cheryl “CAT” Townsend

for more information visit http://www.undergroundvoices.com/ScarredCanvas.html

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  1. RC

    Thanks for the listing Michele. You will always rock!

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