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Jan 28

Your Mother’s Medicine Cabinet

Your Mother’s Medicine Cabinet Radio Show began in April 2012. Frank Reardon hosted the show until it ended in January 2013. Hats off to Frank for showcasing the work of all these authors, editors and publishers. Zarina Zabrisky, Amanda Joy, Will Crawford, Bill Gainer, Brian Fugett, George Wallace, Meg Tuite, Aurora Killpoet, RD Armstrong, Neil …

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Jan 06

New Issue of Citizens For Decent Literature

Citizens For Decent Literature Print #5: deadlines are for doorknobs. Featuring Amy Sasser, John Grey, Matthew Sradeja, Carl Miller Daniels, James Babbs, Bud Smith, Alan Catlin, Michael Grover, Anthony Langford, Jason Ryberg, Euginia Tan, Joe Eldridge, Ryan Snellman, Colin Dodds. Spreading print lust in Virginia, Illinois, Ohio, Rhode Island, New York, Texas, Missouri, Washington, Australia, …

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Dec 29

In the year 2012

Now Playing @ Citizens for Decent Literature began publishing poetry, short stories, essays and rants on January 1, 2012 every third day. In August 2012 the publishing schedule switched to monthly issues with the first issue on August 15th. http://nowplaying.citizensfordecentliterature.com/ Contributors Afzal Moolla, Alan Britt, Aleksandr Smechov, Alex Nodopaka, Ally Malinenko, Andrew Rihn, Anneliese Mackintosh, …

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Oct 16

New Issue at Citizens For Decent Literature

the third online issue of CFDL is now live. Issue #3 – Indulge http://nowplaying.citizensfordecentliterature.com/ James Babbs, Brenton Booth, Mike Boyle, Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Carl Miller Daniels, Brian Fugett, Nick Gerrard, John Grey, John Grochalski, Teri Louise Kelly, George Korolog, Keith Landrum, Catfish McDaris, Tim Murray, Josh Olsen, Rob Pierce, Kevin Ridgeway, Jason Ryberg, Amy Sasser, …

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Oct 15

Intimations of Mortality (Or, Lamar Pye Contemplates, What Could Be, His Last Supper)

by Jason Ryberg Through a mad dog’s eyes, the right subtle shift in perception, like the tumble and click of a secret code or complex equation, suddenly fathomed at 3 or 4AM, maybe, can bring you to your bended knees on the cold flower-patterned linoleum of God’s dungeon floor. Soon you find yourself there, nightly, …

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Oct 15

The Slippery Slope Of Infinite Regression

by Jason Ryberg Those far-off and fleeting buzzards of indeterminate feeling, pyrning and gyring on the horizon, those flittering moths of thought recently seen accumulating, at the oddest times, on the shimmering quicksilver edge of your mind’s magnificent fish-eye lens… they’ve been rapidly devolving into dubious notions and bizarre insecurities concerning the teleological motions of …

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Sep 14

New Issue at Red Fez

Thursday September 13, 2012 Red Fez Issue 49 has lifted off! (www.redfez.net) Intro by Tim Murray Articles & Reviews: An American’s Toilet Paper Nightmare in Southeast Asia by Erik Thurman A Syrian-American Perspective on Current Events in Syria. by Lahab Assef Al-Jundi DISPATCHES FROM ATLANTIS by Paul Corman-Roberts London 2012 Olympics: A Love-Hate Relationship by …

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Your Mother’s Medicine Cabinet: Jason Ryberg. May 14, 2012

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Mar 27

New Radio Show at Project U Radio

Your Mothers Medicine Cabinet Poetry Series will be hosted by Frank Reardon. April 2nd – August 27, 11 pm Easter/8 Pacific…Radio Series brought to you by The Literary Underground. 30-60 minute shows every Monday night for 5 months. I will be interviewing a published poet, author, or publisher that you might not hear from as …

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