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Jan 28

Your Mother’s Medicine Cabinet

Your Mother’s Medicine Cabinet Radio Show began in April 2012. Frank Reardon hosted the show until it ended in January 2013. Hats off to Frank for showcasing the work of all these authors, editors and publishers. Zarina Zabrisky, Amanda Joy, Will Crawford, Bill Gainer, Brian Fugett, George Wallace, Meg Tuite, Aurora Killpoet, RD Armstrong, Neil …

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Dec 29

In the year 2012

Now Playing @ Citizens for Decent Literature began publishing poetry, short stories, essays and rants on January 1, 2012 every third day. In August 2012 the publishing schedule switched to monthly issues with the first issue on August 15th. http://nowplaying.citizensfordecentliterature.com/ Contributors Afzal Moolla, Alan Britt, Aleksandr Smechov, Alex Nodopaka, Ally Malinenko, Andrew Rihn, Anneliese Mackintosh, …

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Sep 18

New Issue at Citizens For Decent Literature

Citizens For Decent Literature’s second issue is now live online. http://nowplaying.citizensfordecentliterature.com/ Julia Coleman, Frankie Metro, Bud Smith, Frank Walsh, Anneliese Mackintosh, Karley De la Filth, Josh Olsen, Matthew Pasquarello, Carl Miller Daniels, Jason Hardung, Luis Rivas, William Doreski, Brad Hamlin & Mort Todd, Gene Fehler, Dan Provost, J. Claudius Cloyd, Michael Grover, Mark Wisniewski, Corey …

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Sep 15

Educational Recruiter Blues I

by Dan Provost Because it’s the sale of                                      education. That forces me to carry a knife in my pocket and debate every day whether to cut my wrist                                      or try to change my                                      small part of the world                                      by refusing to be bought. I will not tell lies anymore. Trying to convince someone that the …

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Sep 15

Brooks and the Shawshank Piano

by Dan Provost The piano notes in Shawshank Redemption So daunting… So final… Brooks knew it—the fear of living. Every step out in the world is a claw to the stomach; a bayonet that churns when you attempt to try to converse with the normal. This is no way to survive…this failure to understand mankind. …

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Your Mother’s Medicine Cabinet: Dan Provost. June 4, 2012

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Mar 27

New Radio Show at Project U Radio

Your Mothers Medicine Cabinet Poetry Series will be hosted by Frank Reardon. April 2nd – August 27, 11 pm Easter/8 Pacific…Radio Series brought to you by The Literary Underground. 30-60 minute shows every Monday night for 5 months. I will be interviewing a published poet, author, or publisher that you might not hear from as …

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Mar 13

Conflicting Fathers

Each day, towards eternal sleep I dream…of my forefathers who dared to run the gambit, I see loneliness and pain among the echoes– oh dear lord, help me remain virginal among the ruins of self… My own father died of cancer on June 3’rd 2006. Spiritual being, founder of all, guide me toward a beautiful …

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May 13

New Release from Red Fez Publications

Red Fez Publications has just released its latest issue online. Issue #34 May 2011 is now available for viewing. Issue #34 – May 2011 http://www.redfez.net FICTION Jason Lancaster Cooney Forrest Aguirre Jeff Chon Patricia Carragon Fawzy Zablah Timothy Gager Bill Ectric George Sparling Tom Andrews Donald O’Donovan Cindy M. Kelly Bill McLaughlin NON-FICTION Margaret Ozemet …

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Apr 17

New Book from Covert Press

Covert Press has just released a new chapbook by Dan Provost called “Born to Look Down at the Ground”. It is available for purchase from their website. This second Covert Press release by Dan Provost has all the raw emotion and pain that we have come to expect from Dan Provost. A must read.