Jul 07

Underground Pre-Report: Cleveland, Ohio.

Underground Pre-Report: Cleveland, Ohio. April 15, 2013
miles and miles to go

just days from cleveland and i’m using up wishes, hoping the jeep is fixed in time but know i’ll get there either way. maybe the howll-mobile rides again. maybe i skip the gps and get lost among the windmills in indiana. maybe just for a little bit. cruise control is a beautiful thing. set it, forget it, sing some songs, pick up friends, roll into town without a care in the world. i love all you people. even the ones i don’t know yet and even the ones i know all too well it seems. here’s the thing that’s bigger than any one of us, right there. i hope whatever road you come by, it’s honest. and with a light in your heart. call me sentimental and cheesy, i don’t care. it’s genuine and i figure that ought to be good enough. and basically don’t give a fuck if it isn’t.
4/20, yo. http://tinyurl.com/420cleve
hope to see you there.