NOTHING TO LOSE, hosted by Brian W. Fugett, Michael D. Goscinski and Michelle L. Quinn. Friday, May 10, 2013. Interview with Luis Rivas. Now available in the archives online.

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THE UNKNOWN SHOW w/ Bud Smith, Tuesday, May 14, 2013… Bud Smith reads poems from Random Acts of Terror. Listen to the archive online.

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Luis Rivas – All I Wanted Was A Gun


Warning: contains gut punches to your sense of society. Random Acts of Terror are not terrorist bombs but daily injustices based on class and race. This ain’t wallpaper poetry. It is anger and beauty and an overwhelming force. Used to regular poetry? Do not read Rivas, he will upset you.”—Victor Schwartzman

There is a rich tradition of poetry that comes out of Central or South America. This poetry is fiery, rebellious, & for the people. Reading this reminds me of the fiery Latino literature that I found when I moved to L.A.. Early Martin Espada, Roque Dalton, Claribelle Allegria. Real hard poems covered in blood, with the revolutionary spirit. Yes, these poems are violent, and speak of death. But just think of the years of neglect that have led the author to this point. At this point I believe the violence is an echo of the author’s frustration. This poetry isn’t for everyone. But if it’s for you I feel it is well done.”—Michael D. Grover