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Feb 01

All the Lesbians I’ve Ever Slept With: THE EX OF THE EX

We’ve all done it. Haven’t we? I mean, obviously, I am a raging degenerate with absolutely no morals and very little self-respect, but come on. Even if you haven’t, don’t try and tell me you’ve never for one minute thought about it. I’m talking, of course, about the ex-girfriend’s ex-girlfriend. That forbidden fruit, that notoriously …

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Dec 01

All the Lesbians I’ve Ever Slept With: The Estonian

I have something of a chequered sexual history. My friends could reel off a whole list of insane women I’ve screwed. While we all make mistakes, I seem to make them more willingly than most. Admittedly, they usually follow about fifteen cans of Red Stripe and don’t always end in regret, but I do consistently …

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