Mar 17

White Power

I used to fight nazis
With the straight edged kids
Until I got tired of the violence
Decided I’d start a zine and write about nazis
The nazis got madder
They sent me hate mail
Addressed to: Michael Grover (Head of the communist party)
I kind of liked that one
I published the letters
Word for word
Letter for letter
All the misspellings
Just to show everyone how ignorant they were
They got more pissed
Something had to give
Pretty soon I ended up with a price on my head
Ten thousand bucks
The leader had inherited millions of dollars
Plus a majority of the stock in the R.J. Reynolds corporation
Among other things
One night he pushed me to the point
That I had to beat the shit out of him
I guess he didn’t like the taste of asphalt
He wasn’t happy about it
My best friend Johnathan he had a bounty too
He joined the army to get out of it
I just laid low for a while
Some days I would wake up
& the nazi’s truck would be sitting in the driveway
I just opened the front door
& they’d throw it in reverse
Speed down the road in retreat
I had some friends from Fort Lauderdale
Big skinheads that did bad violent things
One night one of them did a bad violent thing
To get me out of it
I can still see the nazi leader shaking
A gun pointed at his head
& by the next day he had moved out of state

–Michael D. Grover