Apr 15

grassroots, yo

ok. so i don’t like kickstarter. first of all there’s the fees. we already operate in the red, so fuck that. also, there’s a bunch of crap you gotta fill out and i’m lazy sometimes and i didn’t feel like it. also, you have to send out “rewards” to everyone… see reason #1. and isn’t helping out with something you dig reward enough?

i slapped this site together (http://theliteraryunderground.org/letsfundraisethisshit/) with some of the groovy stuff the LU has done/is doing. all of it could not have happened without some very generous individuals. generous with their money, time, skills and talent. i’m not even going to try to make a list because there have been MANY and i would forget someone. not for the lack of mattering because IT ALL matters. because there are so many good things going on, i can’t even keep track. love and light to you all and i don’t even care if it sounds hippie.

help out if you can, spread the word.