Feb 28


The Literary Underground is pleased to announce a new project called “This is Poetry”. The project will ultimately result in an eight-volume collection of poetry, each volume representing poets from a specific geographic region as well as several special collections. These perfect-bound books will be published under Citizens for Decent Literature Press, founded as part of The Literary Underground. Co-edited by Michele McDannold and Brian W. Fugett, we are currently working on the first two volumes: Women of the Small Press and the American Midwest.

Poems selected for this project will first be published online via tumblr blog – http://thisispoetry.tumblr.com/ – a bit of a social media experiment with poetry. Wouldn’t it be great if poetry went viral? We think so.

Submissions are taken by invitation only and based on referral from poets participating in the project. This is how the project is taking on an organic life of its own. It’s not just the eds hitting up their favorite poets. It’s the eds hitting up their favorite poets, their favorite poets tossing in their favorite poets and so on etc into awesomeness.

Another important and exciting aspect of this project is that we are encouraging contributors to send in their best, most defining work including and emphasizing on previously published poems. It is our intent to highlight other small press publishers, noting the publication credit with a link to the online presence of the small press publisher with each poem published on the tumblr as well as a links page including the same, gathered for easier reference.

viva la Underground