Jan 25

maybe next time it’s you

I would like to be writing this blog post about anything else. Anything positive and affirming to the creative community. Instead, it’s this…

Artists in residence at the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio are being evicted–given thirty days notice–in the dead of winter. This is not just some art space. This is their home, an affordable place to live and be able to make their art.

I have been to Collingwood several times. The first, was for the Zygote in my Fez reading back in August 2011. It was the first event I ever helped put together or even go to in the small press… an amazing experience that was made possible with the help of current arts resident, poet, and dear friend Michael Grover.


Tim Murray of Valparaiso, Indiana, recites one of his poems during Zygote in My Fez at the Collingwood Arts Center. – THE BLADE/ANDY MORRISON

That event brought many people together that had worked with each other for years in independent publishing, but never actually met in person. Mix of poets converges to share works at area festival. Arts center event showcases creativity and collaboration. (Toledo Blade). It inspired some great writing, a book, and many more collaborations. Some would even call it the beginning of a goddamn “underground cultural phenomenon.” Dorsey: Zygote on the Road (Toledo Free Press)

What the fuck is wrong with our society that we can throw away money on useless bullshit and turn the other direction when something like this happens? What does this say about what we value? It’s shameful. downright disgusting.

I don’t know what, if anything can be done. I’m looking for someone to complain to, and I just hope that you will be aware, make other people aware, and do SOMETHING, anything to put a stop to this horseshit, show your support, refuse to sit by idly.

When you make the arts, creativity… your life… yeah, maybe you’re gonna suffer for it. bleed for the page and all that. Does it really have to be this miserable though? It shouldn’t.

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a fund has been created to take donations to help those being displaced. please give if you can, any amount helps. or help spread the word. http://www.gofundme.com/6g2ezg

“These are poor starving artists who have been living with subsidized rent so they can do their craft. My goal is to raise funds to make their transition to a new place easier. Hopefully make their landing softer. There are 28 residents that range all kinds of disciplines and ages.”