Oct 16

New Issue at Citizens For Decent Literature

the third online issue of CFDL is now live.
Issue #3 – Indulge


James Babbs, Brenton Booth, Mike Boyle, Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Carl Miller Daniels, Brian Fugett, Nick Gerrard, John Grey, John Grochalski, Teri Louise Kelly, George Korolog, Keith Landrum, Catfish McDaris, Tim Murray, Josh Olsen, Rob Pierce, Kevin Ridgeway, Jason Ryberg, Amy Sasser, Quasimofo Snyder, Philip Vermaas, Patrick Vincent Welsh.

copies of Citizens For Decent Literature Print Zine #4 are still available AND FREE. message your snail mail to admin(at)theliteraryunderground[dot]org if you would like a copy.