Jul 28

Dirty Noir Call for Submissions

DOLLAR DREADFULS: Dirty Noir’s Quarterly e-issue

Submissions for our debut quarterly are NOW OPEN! Get dark, get dirty, get involved.

We are now taking submissions for our debut quarterly e-issue. General guidelines remain, except where stated.

The e-issues will be themed in the future but for this first issue we’re leaving it open, non-themed. So go nuts. The only must is that you give us some damn good Dirty Noir.

– Submissions should be no more than 10,000 words and no less than 500. However, we will consider submissions of 10,000-40,000 words for serialisation, which will span the course of the four issues that make up Vol. 1 of Dirty Noir.

– Simultaneous submissions are fine, just let us know if it gets snatched up so we can high-five you.

– But multiple submissions are a no-go. Send one at a time. If you didn’t quite make it and there’s still time, we’ll ask you for something else.

– Unfortunately we can’t pay you in cash money at this stage. Instead, we’ll swing you a couple of copies of the e-book. Cool?

– Do us a favour, and DON’T report these submissions to DUOTROPE just yet. We need to set-up a separate listing for the quarterlies, as response times will be vary.

– That said, please allow up to 8 weeks to hear back from us before rapping at our door.

– Submissions close on September 15 or when the issue is full.