Auf Wiedersehen

When I joined Pindeldyboz almost four years ago, my writing life was stagnating. Aside from reworking and submitting a few stories from my MFA thesis (at that point unsuccessfully), I'd done precious little since graduation to justify the amount of debt with which I'd saddled myself. The fact that Whitney Pastorek and the rest of the web editing team had seen enough in my application to bring me on hinted that maybe, just maybe, I wasn't completely wrong to pursue this line of work. Whitney P. has always seemed a little astonished at what I've been willing to take on to keep Pindeldyboz running; truthfully, I've always felt grateful to be trusted with such a responsibility. I can't thank her enough for her confidence in me. (Even if, as a St. Louis Cardinals fan, I did get a little tired of typing in that Astros-related password to get to the submissions.)

I'd also like to thank all of the editors I worked with, particularly our most recent team of Nora Fussner, J.A. Tyler and Andrew Borgstrom, who kept things going this winter while I went through a series of transitions in my professional and personal life that often drew my attention away from submission reading. And I could not finish this good-bye without saying thank you to all of the writers who submitted to Pindeldyboz, whether we published your stories or not. Your persistence and your faith that we were worthy of your best work is what kept me reading. It was always a little hard to write a rejection email; it was always a delight to write an acceptance. If it had ever become routine to do either, it wouldn't have been as much fun.

About the author:

Whitney Steen joined Pindeldyboz as a Web Editor in August 2006 and served as Administrative Editor from November 2006 through 2010.