I Love L.A.

I'm so glad we did this. I'm a little bored. I need more emphasis. It was a little bit New York Film School but I liked the one with the girl. Her teeth. Did you see her teeth? They were so bad. And the two women. Some of them I just didn't get at all. I need a plot . What did he say? "I just want you to love me."

How are you doing? You're fine. I can see that you're doing really, really well. I'm going to stop coming up with ideas for you because you are doing just fine. You're doing a lot, a lot more than me. You've got so much energy. I can barely get through the day. Have you been entertaining? I have. Men. One from the health club. We went out for coffee once. You don't know him. He wasn't there when you were there. One from Tully's and Jeremy. I let Jeremy come back. Jeremy makes Douglas look like a prize. Katharine will never leave him. She can't for god's sake. She's alone in LA. L.A., you're one step away from death unless you know someone. Clark's rich. He went to Princeton. The only thing he's ever done is get married. Two wives. All he can talk about is his children. I said, "Clark, you make your son sound like Jesus."

I don't talk about anyone but here's a little gossip. Kassandra. Before she left town she wrote notes thanking them for taking care of her plants. She's so crazy. She hadn't asked them. I heard about it when we walked over to the farmer's market. Sonja, you know Sonja. I know you don't like Sonja but I like her. Sonja got a note from her.

Oh, I am so depressed. I don't care about anything. Look, in L.A. I have to have an appointment to see my own mother. My plane got into town early and she says 'Can't you come later? Can't you find something to do? I have guests for lunch. You can't come over now." All I do when I go to her house is eat and clean up. My mother can afford to hire someone. She's rich. She let's me do all the work. Oh, my god where's my car? Where are we? Oh, you know where we are.

About the author:

Sierra Lascaux was really born in Los Angeles. The author currently lives in Seattle and pursues creative photography and design for individuals, media and the marketplace.