Look Mom No Head


A young man ran besides his sled and called on the driver of his dog team to hurry--hurry where, he wasn't quite so sure, but hurry after the others, anyway. You mean, replied the driver, back to the ship. Exactly, replied the young man, back to the slip. You mean, replied the driver, back to the north wind. Exactly, replied the young man, back to the reindeer. You mean, said the driver, no reindeer would be likely to be found so close to the ocean. Precisely, said the young man, where would the animal find food? You mean, replied the driver, let the dogs take the lead and run over a hill of ice until they find the ship frozen tight. Precisely, said the young man.


Once upon a time there lived in the woods a young woman whose grandmother also lived nearby. Since the young woman liked her grandmother she would often visit and bring her dates. Each date was golden brown in color, a bit larger than your biggest finger in size, soft with some juice, and very good to bite into. I forget the exact date but one day upon a time the young woman got a surprise. A wolf was lying in her grandmother's bed. End.


1 3/4 Weaver Finches2 large Valencia oranges3 small lemons1 cup sugar

Boil in water until the juice forms a jelly when tested.


Day 3 The holidays are over. I am tired of parties and balls.

Day 6 Started brushing my hair one hundred times every night.

Day 14 I was not the May Queen because I am only fourteen.

Day 21 Wore my blue dress.

Day 26

Day 27

Day 28

Day 31 Fell off my horse. Confined to bedroom.

Day 32 Nothing to do but sew. Missed three grand balls.

Day 35

About the author:

Mike Topp was born in Washington, D.C. He currently lives in New York City unless he has died or moved. His book Happy Ending is available from Future Tense Books.