Dances Demon Fast

My sister walks slow as a snail
brown Birkenstocks molded
to extra wide feet, shuffling
along, one speed
only. Too slow for me.

My sister walks slow as a snail but dances demon
She dances the salsa, her favorite dance
now, in high platform shoes,
white canvas uppers, collected
at a market in Costa Rica. The
shoes, her salsa-ing feet,
surprise me, as much a surprise
as Miguel was.

My sister's surprises, surprise,
never quite end.

Short phone calls,
many silences, single
Sporadic emails.
The seldom written letter, even more
seldomly mailed.
And then
a silk scarf, red and pink,
arrives in my mailbox on Thursday
without a note.

About the author:

In her spare time, Kathryn Knudson writes fiction & poetry and works on crossword puzzles in airport terminals. She lives in Minneapolis.