Gordon, Wearing His Red Jacket, Slips on the Subway and Gets Blogged

NewmanLives, 1:12 pm:

...Saw some huckleberry, some failed hipster insurance salesman, wipe out and fall on his ass while he was getting off the subway... He totally deserved it, what with that ridiculous red jacket he was wearing... The image of this guy falling -- his eyes coming out of his head, his leg's just peeling out from under him and his arms flailing about -- has provided me with a good laugh every time I think of it. I mean, you should have seen the look on this guy's face. I am bursting with laughter right now as I write this...

- - -

BrooklynBerryBoy_84, 1:15 pm:

I don't know what made me do it, but today, on the subway, I tripped some guy, just this random guy wearing a red jacket. My foot just jutted out like someone else was controlling it, and this guy went a tumbling. I think he was too embarrassed to look back. I just kept my eyes in my book and hoped to God I didn't get caught. Damn! What a rush!

- - -

Healing_Goddess_Angela, 1:21 pm:

No one helps anyone in this city. You can't count on anyone. You could be dying in the street and people passing by won't even notice because they're more worried about getting to wherever it is they're going. I saw some poor guy wearing a red jacket slip and fall on the subway today. No one reached out a hand to even help this guy. I mean, no one even asked if he was okay. They were all just laughing inside. I know it. This is a cruel city. Cruel, cruel, cruel city.

- - -

24_7_WriterNow, 1:23 pm:

As you all know, I have been struggling, really pull-my-hair-out struggling with the opening for my novel. But there is good news: The struggle is over. I saw this guy trip on the subway, and he was wearing a red jacket, just like my main character Suede does. So I was like, BOOM, that's how I'm going to open my novel. It's just perfect...

- - -

StanzasRMe_Gazing, 1:27 pm:

Today's poem was inspired by a gentleman that I saw take a tumble on the subway. It's entitled: "The Fall of the Red Jacket."

Streets echoing man cries
moons fly
skies aflame
man falls
shame, shame, shame
red jacket embrace
so that we face
yet another day
rise, rise, rise

- - -

HoorayForHollywood_inNY, 1:36 pm:

I totally have to rewrite what I THOUGHT was a very innovative chase scene through the subway cars. I saw some guy in a red jacket fall down today, and, well, it just made me realize that if I'm going to keep my characters true to the city life feel that I'm going for, I just can't use what I have. Margie said she liked that scene. So did Bill. This just confirms that I need to be showing my scenes to other people. Margie and Bill don't know shit.

About the author:

Jeffrey Yamaguchi loves the NYC subway, except when the F train is re-routed over the G line. Then he really hates the subway. He runs www.52projects.com.