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"You either know or you don't know and if you don't –"

"You know or not – if you don't, you know you don't."

"Or think you know and not know. Or think you don't know when –"

"When in point of fact you do."

"Though you think you know not."

"When in point of fact you know a bit."

"Or more than a bit: though you may think that the bit is not enough – "

"Not near enough. Or nowhere near the vicinity of what you should know – of what is pertinent."

"Conversely: What you know may have little to do with what you need to know."

"Or: What you know may not mesh well with what you need to know."



"So: forget what you know."

"Or put it aside. So. You can do it!"


"Say it."

"What you know or think you know, you can put aside, because you can what?"

"Because you CAN DO IT!"


"What we know is we begin by putting our head low to the ground."

"What we also know is we begin with our elbows flush to the floor – "

"Right on the floor."

"Very low. You can do it."


"Yes. So –"

"So. Yes."

"Now you know."

"Now you do."

About the author:

JM Martinez was born in Bucaramanga, Columbia and currently lives in Florida. He has written a very good novel, Strobe.