In Three and a Half Parts... one and a half

one :

i am:

fresh outta compton, wondering just what bette davis eyes really are and full, just full of pop culture references. i am at coney island, and i am in love. i am at the pier, and i see the crabs lost the war between the sky and the sea. crab bodies flung from the ocean as far as nick's greasy spoon on shore avenue. everything is all inked out in smog gray and there are shells everywhere. i am in love with everyone and this scares me. the homeless man, his bike seat covered in a dagastinos plastic bag, fishing into the ocean with a bottle of jack daniels in a paper bag. i see the girl next to me has lips like hips and brown soup bowls on her face, sea foamed up with freckles and she doesnt drink coffee. think im in love with her, too. but (this word seems to pepper most of my sentences) im leaving, as soon as im able to see how. what could be more lovely than; not knowing where i am, not knowing where i am going. see what happens next. arms of sand on a renovated boardwalk, and the only strip of freedom in new york, water full of possibility and cheesy old adage. i am wondering, maybe, but only a little bit. wondering what i am talking about. wondering if i should say anything to anyone ever again.

- - -

blast off:

like some theoretical text of skin, all words look like strangers. stop staring, its rude. theyre undressing down to their letters and underwear. things to learn from this are; verbs are good, hands are better, and no one really goes anywhere. the world's too small for that. things to make us feel better are; admissions of weakness, stories about breaking up, knife like arrivals. sharp language is good, nonsensical but almost meaningful language is better. everyone likes when there are too many metaphors. rushed endings, though, are the best of all.

- - -

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About the author:

Griffin Jaye Epstein writes plays, short stories, poems and songs, mostly on the subject of food and Kurt Cobain. She has been an actor/writer/costume designer/stage manager/production assistant countless times and has attended NYU; playwrights horizons, circle in the square and the stella adler conservatory. She is currently spending a year in Ireland studying language and liquor. she likes super furry animals, not to be confused with small, furry animals (i.e. rabbits, gerbils..she likes them, too), electric blankets and speaking in the third person.