Love and Faith

Big Pajama Bottom comes sits beside me, says Eye Glasses and them behind that shut door and there's worms comin' outa my head.

"You crazy," I say to him. "I'll buy you a cola." And we go off down the hall to the rec room slow cause he don't pick up his feet and I have to make teeny tiny steps.

"Pick up your damn feet," I say. I fuss at him like everybody else but he's the only one believes I can do it, can get a drink without a quarter, can make that can roll right into my hand.

Smokeman's in there but he don't care. I sit down in front of the drink machine. Big Pajama Bottom sits right up next to it, hugs it tight. Purple Lady comes in and I see White Sox and Big Business and all the rest before I turn my hands up and close my eyes and start to rock back and forth, back and forth, slow and smooth like I am underwater, like I am the whole sea. And later after Eye Glasses and them come take Pajama away and after they bring him back, I rock like I am God rockin' Jesus til he stops cryin' and sleeps.

But first we all get colas.

About the author:

Dianne’s fiction, nonfiction, and poetry appear in Doorknobs and BodyPaint, Tattoo Highway, riverbabble, flashquake, In Posse Review, Hobart, Mississippi, and The Green Tricycle. She lives in Vermont.