A Found Letter

Pendulum : A body suspended from a fixed support so that it swings freely back and forth under the influence of gravity

Entropy: The measure of the capacity of a system to undergo spontaneous change.

-The American Heritage Dictionary

I have been staring at these two definitions now for well over an hour. They say pretty much everything I want to say to you. This is us. My whole message to you summed up by two stupid metaphors. Actually they aren't even metaphors yet, just definitions grabbed out of the dictionary. It may seem pretty pathetic, but that they way truth is.

I collide into you after a bad day. You reel back and plough right back into me. I yell, you yell, we cry, you leave, I chase after, we come back. We fight and then make up and fight and make up. But despite all this there is the ever-changing zero point. This is where entropy enters my skewed and talent-less narrative.

Every time we go through this, this I don't know what it is, we change. At the zero point. The spot right before the fight breaks out or we say "I love you" the moment we experience any strong emotion I guess. It is here that the mutation occurs. The spontaneous change. Now that I think of it, the zero point isn't only when we fight or romantic moments. It has happened at random times as well.

Fuck! all this is getting jumbled. What I want to say is this: What seems like a predictable back and forth is really not that mechanical. Each time our pendulum swings a random event occurs at the zero point. This is not always a good event, in fact we go long stretches without a fun day. On the other hand can you remember a happier time than when we're doing fine?

We don't always inflict pain on each other. There are happy times. We share them both, and system can't sustain without some mutation.

About the author:

CJ Hurtt lives in Oregon and has the kinds of adventures that you can only dream of. His writing has appeared in Subterran.com as well as his own online publication the-endtimes.org. Also, he brews a tasty beer.