Jun 07

Join us at Small Prestivus!

prestivus-flyerSMALL PRESTIVUS … books by the rest of us! — Two Day Small Press Fest, August 1st and 2nd, Downtown Griffith, IN

Blotterature Literary Magazine and Lit Fest Press are promoting the diversity of small presses and the writers they represent at “Small Prestivus,” a two day small press fest. We invite all writers and the public for this free event!

When: August 1-2;
August 1: book fair 12-5 PM; Workshops 1-4 PM; Featured Reading & Participant Open Mic 8 PM
August 2: All Day Reading 12-5PM

Where: Downtown Griffith, Indiana–Broad Street, Franklin Center, and Pokro Brewery (All on the same block)

The fest is set to include writing workshops; an outdoor book fair with singer/songwriters, open air readings, and visual art demonstrations; a Saturday evening reading featuring Michele McDannold, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Joani Reese, Bud Smith, Bill Gainer, Sarah A. Chavez, and Robert Vaughan, with a one-shot open mic where all participants will have a chance to read after, and an all day Festival of Language where all participants will again have a chance to read on Sunday sponsored by Lit Fest Press.

Please note that this festival is to showcase writers in the small press. We will not be offering tables to self publishers. If you would like to reserve a table please message Blotterature Lit Mag or Lit Fest Press. Tables are $10 for individual writers and $20 for presses.

Partners as of today:
Blotterature Lit Mag
Lit Fest Press
Literary Underground
Town of Griffith–providing workshop space in Franklin Center, parking, and blocking off roads for book fair
Dynamite Music–providing singer/songwriters, mics, and amps
Grindhouse Café–providing snacks at the featured reading, drink specials, and space to retreat from the heat
Pokro Brewery–space for the readings and frothy libations during and after

Small Presses signed up to rep at Small Prestivus, so far..

Punk Hostage Press
Sundress Publications
Flying Turtle Publishing
Citizens for Decent Literature Press
Unknown Press