Jul 07

An Open Letter to You Know Who You Are

you were right.

you      [who have been lucky enough
            to complain that no one
            ever advocates on your behalf]      were right.

i victimize myself.

you      [who have never heard a sexpot
            with twice your muscle mass
            crack laughs on your body
            from a foot above your head]         were right.

i can’t take a joke.

you      [who have chewed sloppily
            at every hand that fed you
            piles of inky green dough
            without a single question]               were right.

i make up all my problems.

you      [who have always loved who
            you were expected to love
            and dressed in the clothes
            you were handed in Target]            were right.

i am insecure in my gender.

you      [who have only lived within
            yourselves awash in the
            frustration of having a
            surprisingly awful view
            from atop your pyramid]                 were right.

i hold you to unfair double standards.

you were right.
            [i thought you rational beings
            and for that alone]
i am a dumb cunt after all.

–H. Lynette Barr