Feb 01

Garden City.

In an attempt to connect us
with the outside – they have placed
a little tinsel down the side of our windows –

to reflect gaudy headaches. Elegant displays.
We are liable to make many points. Expect us
 to stop passersby with fresh complaints over C.B. radio.
           As drivers pass
satellite instructions over open windows,
Inhaling the night & the choking diesel of two stations –
Just under the A1. You are more than welcome to follow us.

             Our passage is too large for the tiny lanes of middle-England.

So as light passes a new parallelogram: orange in 21st century luminance –
a restaurant promises Nirvana, (the overheard distortion suits this well.)
The smallest trees hanging from
emergency exits – there is no oxygen here.

A mother discovers
   the switch above her head
       that puts
               the entire compartment to sleep.

–Jack Cooper