Jan 23

Black Kite Poetry #7: The Midwest Underground Poetry Summit


The Midwest Underground Poetry Summit to be held in Toledo, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio, USA. Wednesday, January 23, 2013–The Midwest Underground Poetry Summit will be held at Black Kite Coffee & Pies in Toledo, Ohio as part of the Black Kite Poetry Series hosted by Michael Grover and Tara Armstrong. Featured readers are Brian Fugett and Michele McDannold.

Brian Fugett (Dayton, Ohio) is a member of the slacker, fast food generation that has been branded with an ‘X’ by that Canadian-born, literary terrorist known as Douglas Coupland. Meanwhile, he sits in his pad all day consuming more oxygen than he’s worth. He’s been doing it for over 40 years now and has become quite efficient at it. Eating and voiding are the only things he really knows how to do. Between meals and trips to the shitter, he covertly milks ‘West Nile Virus’ from the tits of pregnant mosquitoes and uses it to butter the toast of local politicians. He is the editor/publisher of Zygote in my Coffee.

Michele McDannold (Jacksonville, Illinois) is corn fed and redneck bred. She has an extensive collection of flannel and rubber chicken heads. A devoted member of the Cult of the Honey Badger, she is also the co-editor/publisher of Citizens For Decent Literature, a project of The Literary Underground.

The event will begin at 7:00pm EST and includes an open mic and book release from Citizens For Decent Literature Press. Michael Grover will read from his new book “Some People Go Crazy” and copies will be available for purchase.

Black Kite Coffee & Pies is located at 2499 Collingwood Blvd., Toledo, Ohio 43620. Please visit theliteraryunderground.org/events for more information or contact Michael Grover.