Mar 14

The Literary Underground Radio: Project U Radio And Drakonian Vampire Tunnel

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**NOTE**This week on Red Fez Radio, hosted by Tim Murray, tune in for a special tribute episode to F.N. Wright.

DETAILS HERE . F.N. Wright Memorial Show. Read about him on Red Fez in an article by Michele McDannold here. 

March 14: The Drakonian Vampire Tunnel Is Closed For Repairs, airs at midnight CST, (technically it is March 14 for the east coast, March 13 for the west coast) with host Frankie Metro. (link to show)

March 15: Project U Radio Presents “Spectral Ganglia Poetry and Sound Experiments”, Open Mic. Call in. . What the hell is  “spectral ganglia”? Who cares, cause this is some badass radio, coming straight to you live on Thursday night, 10:30 CST.  Get involved and call in to  share whatever you’ve got going on. Uncensored, unclicked, uninhibited, naked radio featuring YOU. Be a part of this by calling in: (805) 856-2808. Find the show page HERE where you can log in, set reminders (get an email before our shows) and follow. You can also listen to on-demand archives of previous shows and download them to your ipod or whatever device. Hell, you can even download it to your phone.

How does a radio “open mic” show work? Easy. You call in, you wait, we say your area code to let you know that you are live- and off you go. How about five minutes? Cool? OK. Let’s do this. We don’t care if you are a burning piece of hot hipster shit or a first timer, just trying out some stuff. The U loves you.

Project U Radio is a project of The Literary Underground, a community and resource for writers, publishers, and readers of the independent press.


March 22: Project U Radio 10:30 CST.

March 29: Project U Radio 10:30 CST.