Jan 03

January 6th, Project U Radio @ The Literary Underground

TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION: Relationships and Writers: Have you ever dated a writer/poet? It has been said in some articles that the arrangement is doomed from the start, while others say that when it fits, it is a unique experience that serves to further both people’s creative endeavors…This Friday, we open up the phone lines to singles and couples alike, in order to find out which is more prevalent: the disastrous affair, or the inspirational union? Call in to speak on: 805 856 2808 Friday 7PM WEST 8PM MT 9PM CST 10PM EST.

Hosted by Frankie Metro, Lynn Alexander, and Paul Corman-Roberts.

You can call in or send a comment to be read if you want to chime in anonymously. You can also leave a comment here with your name if you can’t call in. All welcome, uncensored, unscripted, unhinged.