Nov 19

What is Underground?

Project U Radio: Voices from The Literary Underground aired last night for the first time on blogtalk radio. Hosts Lynn Alexander and Paul Corman-Roberts were joined by callers Jack Varnell, Kevin Ridgeway, F.N. Wright and Michele McDannold on the topic of “What does Underground mean to you?”. Late in the show, a mysterious sock monkey called in keeping things from getting too heavy. It was a good discussion well worth your time. If you missed it, you can now listen to the on-demand episode in the archives. Next Week, Frankie Metro will share hosting duties with Lynn and Paul. The topic will be on the relationship between publisher and author. What do they owe to one another before the book and after the book. Please call in and share your views. All are welcome!


Call In Number: (805) 856-2808
Next Live Show: Friday, November 25 at 10pm CST