Aug 11

Primal Urge Magazine Call for Submissions

THE DEAL – Primal Urge Magazine call for poetry submissions: Here’s the deal, the publisher gives six to eight pages for poems. We run two featured poets on two to three pages each. Whatever pages are left over we run in “One Offs” – one or two poems each from several poets. The rules: Don’t send any spiritual stuff. If you talk to God you don’t need to talk to us. Don’t send epic poems. Shorter is better. Alice’s Restaurant has already topped the charts once. That’s enough. The best thing to do is look at an old issue of the Urge: http://www.primal-urge-magazine.com/. We lean toward “Meat,” “Street,” “After Hours” and the occasional political poem. Don’t tell us about dead-burnt-bodies or regurgitate the daily news. We want your secrets – surprise us. Bring something fresh to the page. We want to smell the perfume, taste the lipstick and know why hearts beat – and sometimes bleed. Okay, send three to five poems to our poetry editor, Bill Gainer at: wsgainer@comcast.net. Put “Primal Urge Submissions” in the subject line. If you don’t hear from us before the next issue, there’s a good chance you won’t.