Oct 19

New Issue of Menacing Hedge

Fall 2014 Edition of Menacing Hedge is here!  

The Fall 2014 Edition of Menacing Hedge is our biggest issue ever. It is chock full of poetry, short stories, interviews, and reviews. It also features the ethereal work of the artist Stephen O’Donnell, who has graciously allowed us to feature his artwork and who proved to be an intelligent and informative interview subject.

Poets include Annmarie O’Connell, Callista Buchen, Christopher Martin, Donna Vorreyer, Erin Elizabeth Smith, Flower Conroy, Jennifer Givhan, Jude Cowen Montague, M. Mack, M.P. Powers, Nancy Bevilaqua, Sara Krueger, Seth Copeland, and T.A. Noonan. Once again, Menacing Hedge is thrilled to be publishing segments of chapbooks in the making.

Fiction writers include the talents of Arthur Davis, Jacob Aiello, Marcus Pactor and Stephen Williams.

We have a delightful discourse between Lauren Gordon and Daniel M. Shapiro interviewing each other about their respective newly published chapbooks, Meaningful Fingers (Finishing Line Press) by Gordon and How the Potato Chip was Invented (Sunnyoutside Press) by Shapiro. We also have Ronda Lott interviewing Darren C. Demaree about his recent book Temporary Champions (Main Street Rag) as well as Sandra Marchetti’s review of Alessandra Bava’s They Talk about Death (Blood Pudding Press).  Last but not least, Kelly Boyker’s review of Caitlin Thomson’s chapbook Incident Reports (Hyacinth Girl Press).

Don’t forget to check out Scary Bush because: Scary.