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Vis a tergo

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vis a tergo
(Screenshot taken October 27, 2010)
Editor Valerie Valdes and Khakjaan Wessington
Former editors Jeff Chon
Categories Blogzine, poetry, fiction, comics
Frequency biweekly
Founder Jeff Chon
First issue October 7, 2009
Country United States of America
Based in Southern California
Language English
Website [1]

vis a tergo is an online literary magazine founded by Jeff Chon and co-edited by Valerie Valdes and Khakjaan Wessington. The phrase 'vis a tergo' is defined by Merriam Webster as 'a force acting from behind' and is most commonly used to describe the pressure that pumps blood back into the heart. To quote the editor: "I've never been very good at selling anything I do. If I were, I'd have gone a lot further in life. But bearing in mind that the whole notion of visa tergo fuels the aesthetic of the journal, I'd like to think that I champion works that are propulsive and from the heart."[1]


[edit] History and Background

vis a tergo was founded by Jeff Chon and originally based out of Southern California. The first issue was published on October 7th, 2009. The journal features a poem, a short story, and a one-panel self contained comic every other Wednesday.

[edit] Contributors

(as of October 23, 2010)[2]

Dan Carroll, Laura Carroll, Terry Ann Wright, Matt Sharar, Angie Curneal Palsak, Stephen Hyde, Stan Yan, J Bradley, Ryan Ritchie, David Kowalczyk, Tom Caufield, Le Cram, Howie Good, Matthew Dexter, Josh Blair, Kyle Hemmings, Kenneth Radu, Barry Pomeroy, Cork Kyle, Sam Virzi, Curtis Meyer, Steve Prusky, Rafer Robers, Michael Lee Johnson, Sandra Morin, T.R. Healey, Changming Yuan, M.J. Nicholls, Eschmeyer, Catherine Zickgraf, Elisa Shoenberger, George Bishop, Brian Chapin, Daniel Romo, Shannon Peil, John Rachel, John Bruce, Sam Spina, Gary Beck, Dennis Mahagin, Lydia Conklin, Jessica Otto, Seann McCollum, Michael Garman, Russell Streur, Glen Binger, Dan McEwen, Layne Ransom, Len Kuntz, Richard A. Becker, Michelle Ong, Khakjaan Wessington, Shea Newton.

[edit] External Links

[edit] Notes and references

  1. http://www.duotrope.com/market_1988.aspx
  2. http://visatergo.wordpress.com
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