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Mike Linaweaver is a writer and socialist activist from the wild lands of Central Kansas where he worked largely in factories. Mike has been active in the reproductive rights, organized labor, education, and LBGT liberation movements. He is an editor of the independent art and culture magazine (Zine), Strike Magazine, based in nether regions of South Texas. His work has appeared in Red Wedge Magazine, Sleet Magazine, The Magill Review, Volume (Corpus Christi), and is due to appear in the second issue of Em Dash Literary Magazine. His short story "Are You Alright?" was nominated for a 2014 Pushcart Prize. His current projects include a poetry chapbook, "Fuck, Dada", an untitled narrative collaboration with his significant other and a psuedo science fiction experimental piece, "The Butterfly Diary". He is a participant in the Stone Renga Poetry Project organized by friend and poet, Tom Murphy.

A life long affection for art, literature and cultural/social activism led him to create Strike Magazine with a small group of artists and writers in December of 2012.Strike is a free publication and is built on the idea that art is an important part of creating positive social change. Strike seeks to relate art to social movements in historical and contemporary contexts. Strike is completely community supported and is free to the public. Recently, Strike has begun to branch out into the underground publishing scene. The first chapbook published by Strike Syndicate was "Horizon to Horizon" by avant garde poet (and friend) Tom Murphy. Other projects are in the works.

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