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Ellery LaFavor was born and raised in a small southern town. As a former victim of child abuse and bullying he has taken those negative experiences and used them as inspiration for his creative endeavors.

As an author, he has taken into his hands the task of sharing the human experience in all of its varied forms; showcasing the flaws, the fragility and most important the ways in which we can be triumphant. He insists that human nature isn't a fixed concept, bad choices can be corrected and better ones can be made. Through both is work and his life he seeks to advocate for abused and bullied youth and the LGBTQ community, hoping that his voice, as one of many, will be heard.

Through his current work he is fulfilling his life-long dream – to try and inspire and empower people to take control of their lives and to live their passions and their purpose, just as he is doing. Currently, he resides in Georgia and is continuing his work on the "Trapped" series.

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