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Thomas L. Vaultonburg

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Thomas L. Vaultonburg
Birth Name
Birth Date February 7, 1969
Birthplace Rockford, Illinois, USA
Death Date
Death Place
Resting Place
Occupation Poet
Nationality United States
Notable Works
Influences Ron Androla, Gerald Locklin, Todd Moore and Charles Bukowski
Website Zombie Logic Press

Thomas L. Vaultonburg (born February 7, 1969) is an American poet and writer heralded by both Ginsberg and Bukowski[1] as one of the emerging poets on the American scene.


[edit] Life

Thomas L. Vaultonburg grew up in the shadows of the Byron Nuclear Generating Station. Vaultonburg began publishing poetry in the small press scene at age nineteen and encouraged by poets like Ron Androla, Gerald Locklin, Todd Moore and Charles Bukowski, soon racked up an impressive list of publications before he dropped out of the publishing scene altogether to pursue a career in the restaurant/bar business, where he worked 12 years.

Vaultonburg is the founder of Zombie Logic Press,[2] an underground avant guard Rockford artists group called The Dirty Trick Squad, and Rockford Rage Roller Derby.[3] He is credited as coining the phrase "Zombie Logic"[4] meaning "Braindead. Acting zombie-like. Mall walker. Later applied to computer jargon. An oxymoron as zombies display no logic, only impulse." Since 1997 Vaultonburg's poetry can only be read at Zombie Logic Press. Vaultonburg currently resides in Rockford, Illinois.

[edit] Acting Career

[1] In his forties, Vaultonburg began appearing in movies.

[edit] Periodical Publications

[edit] Book Publications

[edit] Anthologies

Vaultonburg appeared in the anthology 1999: Thus Spake the Corpse: an Exquisite Corpse Reader 1988-1998. Volume One, Poetry and Essays. Co-edited with Laura Rosenthal, Santa Barbara: Black Sparrow Press, edited by Andrei Codrescu.[5] Also appearing in this anthology, from the same publisher that published Charles Bukowski were literary heavyweights such as Paul Violi, Mike Topp, Edward Sanders and Alice Notley.

[edit] Poem Photos and Tiny Drawing Poems

Poem Photos and Tiny Drawing Poems are multi-media poems combining photography and the Tiny Drawings of Houston artist Jenny Mathews.

[edit] Zombie Logic Press Webcomics

Empowered by his association with artist Jenny Mathews, Vaultonburg was able to create a spate of projects he had only imagined before, including a series of webcomics. The first two strips created by this creative duo were Single Zombie Female, the world's first feminist zombie webcomic, and Dr. Strangedog, an aging neurosurgeon who is not a dog.

[edit] Children's Books

After the birth of Jasper (Jack) Thomas Mathews, Vaultonburg decided to write a book for him. The book, The Toughskin Rhinoceros Wrangler Company, was written over the Christmas holidays of 2011, then illustrated by Jack's mother, Jenny Mathews in early 2012. It follows the story of a boy named Jack, who has the very special ability to make Rhinos dance.

[edit] The Leaders of Something Horrible

Along with fellow comedians Tim Stotz, Jesus Correa, and jason ssg, Vaultonburg formed the comedy troupe The Leaders of Something Horrible.

[edit] Forthcoming Book Publications

  • Atrocities A to Z Zombie Logic Press Rockford, IL 61103

[edit] Awards, Fellowships, Grants and Honors

  • Listed member of PW Writer's Directory[6]

[edit] References

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