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The Literary Underground Wiki's goal is to compile knowledge about the underground press. You can help complete this goal by contributing to the wiki in the ways that follow.

Create an Account

You do not have to log in to read The Literary Underground Wiki. You must log in to edit articles. Creating an account is quick and free.


Articles make up the bulk of the wiki. Each article is on one topic.

The goal of an article is to inform. Well-written articles can reach featured article status. Choose an article, try to improve it so it matches featured article criteria, and then make it a featured article candidate.

Another important way you can help with articles is by creating requested articles.


Lists are essential to the organization of content. To help improve lists, first find a list that interests you at Portal:Contents/Lists of topics and then help it match the featured list criteria. You can also create needed lists by going to The Literary Underground Wiki:Requested lists.

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