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The Finger

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The Finger, a journal of the arts, literature and culture, enjoyed a brief starburst in the closing quarter of 2005, running to two complete issues. Published by CentreHouse Press, a co-operative, and edited by Peter Cowlam, it featured the work of writers Val Hennessy, Allen Saddler, Mari Garcia, Jack Degree, Richard Hillesley, Bob Mann, Brian Poilly, Robert Vint, Jo Larsen, and Sam Richards. Its radical ethos reflected itself as a print broadsheet (quite apart from its content), at a time when most other broadsheets were either resizing or had already resized as tabloids. Its spiritual home was Totnes, in the South Hams (UK) – focus of all things alternative – where most of its contributing authors lived and worked.

Issue 1 was noted for its lead article, ‘The need to know’, by social activist Robert Vint, a forensic examination of UK government security policy. Initial publication/distribution was dependent on the financial support of private individuals – in particular Jack Kendrick – which couldn’t be sustained.

‘The Moving Finger writes: and, having writ, / Moves on...’

Its two and a half issues are archived here: Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3

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