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Rebecca Schumejda

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Rebecca Schumejda (b. 12 January 1977) is an American poet, writer and editor. She lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband and daughter where she writes and works as an alternative education teacher.


[edit] Early Life

Schumejda was born in Southampton, New York and spent her childhood on Long Island. The daughter of a roofer and a nurse, she witnessed the struggles and successes of the working class lifestyle which she celebrates in her writing, her father being one of her greatest inspirations.

After being expelled from high school during her junior year, she attended an alternative program where a teacher guided her toward publishing her work. During that time, she started the zine reuben’s kincaid (1995-2001) with friends Karen Calabria, Kristina Fetkovich and Michele Kruger. She also began publishing her own work.

Upon graduating, Schumejda studied shortly at the State University of New York at Albany then at the State University of New York at New Paltz where she met her mentor Pauline Uchmanowicz. Later while a graduate student at San Francisco State University, she studied under Daniel J. Langton. During this time she worked as a library clerk, as a dishwasher, as a fountain girl and as a waitress.

[edit] Literary Career

In addition to working on reuben’s kincaid, Schumejda also worked on the staff of Fourteen Hills, San Francisco State’s literary magazine. Currently, she is the poetry editor of the sporadically published online magazine Trailer Park Quarterly created by writer Daniel Crocker.

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