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Rattlesnake Press

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Rattlesnake Press is an independent publisher of poetry, based in California. Rattlesnake Press was founded by Kathy Kieth of Pollock Pines, California. The press publishes chapbooks, broadsides and journals including the Rattlesnake Review. The Rattlesnake Reading Series is held monthly at The Book Collector in Sacramento.


[edit] Publications

[edit] Rattlesnake Review

Rattlesnake Review (Poetry with Fangs!) is the flagship publication of Rattlesnake Press. RR is a free, spiral-bound, 8.5 X 11” quarterly journalzine of photos, line art, articles, a cryptogram, numerous reviews, poetry challenges and other miscellaneous articles about poetry and related happenings, and—most of all—POETRY.[1]

[edit] WTF

WTF is a free, 30-page quarterly journal (chapbook-style) for adults only, edited by Frank Andrick. WTF is intended to showcase the talents of the readers at Poetry Unplugged at Luna’s Café, the long-running Thursday night poetry series but everyone (over 18) is invited to submit.[2]

[edit] Snakelets

Snakelets is a spiral-bound, 8.5 X 11” journal of approximately 45 pages of poetry by kids ages 0-12. Snakelets was named Best Poetry For Children by Sacramento News & Review, 2004.[3]

[edit] VYPER

VYPER is a saddle-stapled, chapbook-sized black-&-white journal of poetry by young people ages 13-19. Issues #1-3 were edited by Robert Grossklaus.[4]

[edit] Rattlechaps

The Rattlechaps Chapbook Series was born in April of 2004 with Rattlechap #1: ANVIL by Danyen Powell. Since then, rattlechaps (and spiralchaps) have been released on an almost-monthly basis, with readings by each poet at The Book Collector. The rattlechaps are 5.5" X 8.5", cardstock cover, saddle-stapled, 16-24 pages of poems.[5]

[edit] Spiralchaps

The first of the SnakeRings SpiralChap Series was published in 2004. The Heart of a Poet, by then-13-year-old Ashley Redfield was the first title. Subsequent titles included work from B.L. Kennedy, Joyce Odam, and D.R. Wagner.[6]

[edit] Littlesnake Broadsides

Littlesnake Broadsides, established in 2004, is a free, monthly, by-invitation-only chance for the Snake to showcase individual poets’ work on a single sheet, pamphlet-style (both sides) in true broadside tradition.[7]

[edit] Rattlesnake Interview Series

Rattlesnake Interview Series feature conversations between B.L. Kennedy and some of the finest poets in Northern California. Five of the interviews are available as free, individual broadsides; they, along with the rest of the interviews, will be collected into anthologies, one of which will appear every few months.[8]

[edit] External Links

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