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RC Edrington

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RC Edrington

RC Edrington offers no graduate degree in any alleged art form. Nor can he produce a certificate of authentication from any hip writing guild to prove he is an actual writer. He currently scribbles in notebooks, fights off the urge to to become a full-time hermit, and kicks empty beer cans through the heroin induced potholes of his memory. He considers himself a survivor of the first "punk rock" movement.

His first chapbook Whiskey Coma Blues was published in 1991 by Implosion Press. In the following years RC's poetry, short stories and articles have appeared in numerous e-zines, anthologies, and chapbooks. In the late 1990's RC began publishing the online journal Spent Meat. Under his side imprint Spent Angel Press, RC also published several e-books of poetry by such authors as Glenn W. Cooper, justin.barrett, Alexander Shaumyan, and Dan Provost. Spent Meat folded in 2004, was revived in 2005, and then again folded shortly after due to RC's on again, off again "habits".


[edit] Life

After the punk rock years, Edrington, took a job working in a Copper Smelter in the middle of nowhere in Southern Arizona. To kill time in between shift work, Edrington would write song lyrics for a future band that never came to life. At a friends suggestion he began sending out his lyrics to poetry journals and was somewhat shocked at the rate of acceptance. Leary of the word " poet", Edrington continued to send out his work.

He was married for four uneventful years, during which time he worked as a Psycho/Social Rehabilitation Counselor under the tutelage of a PHD'd Psychiatrist. He abandoned both to return to the barrio streets of Tucson, Arizona.

[edit] Influences

The core of Edrington's work deals with his time on the streets, addictions and the various people who made up his life. Not much of a reader of poetry, he sites his influences of the numerous bands he listened to in his youth. Bands like "X", Lou Reed, The Clash, Ramones...etc. Later, after numerous publications, Edrington stumbled upon Cain's Book by Alexander Trocchi. It immediately became his favorite book as he saw glimpses of himself between the pages. From there he fell in love with Beat poetry. A recent reviewer of Edrington's work considers it to be "post-modern beat".

[edit] Journals

Underground Voices, Zygote in my coffee, Unlikely Stories, Red Fez Publications, Polluto Magazine, Pipe Dream, Laura Hird Showcase, Kerouac's Dog Magazine, Clean Sheets Magazine, Cherry Bleeds Literary Magazine, Pussy Lickin' Good

[edit] Chapbooks

  • Whiskey Coma Blues (1991) by Implosion Press, Stow Ohio
  • Nicotine Dreams (2002)
  • Lipstick Bruise (2002)
  • Vacant (2003)
  • Flesh Wounds (2011) by Ten Page Press

[edit] Books

[edit] Website/Blog

RC Edrington

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