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Punk Hostage Press

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On Friday the 13th, 2012, Iris Berry and A. Razor made a pact to publish prose, short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction and, of course, well erudited rants on a new press that is the ultimate product of their involvement in underground, D.I.Y. literary publishing since 1980.

Punk Hostage Press combines the experience that both writers have garnered from years of marginal living, punk rock music scenes, D.I.Y. publishing, editing underground lit/art zines, doing spoken word performances in local settings as well as on the road, living out vehicles and going homeless for the craft when the demand was too much over the years.

Punk Hostage Press is just getting off the ground with the first release in March, 2012, of Danny Baker's FRACTURED. Danny's book is a visceral journey through the violence and upheaval he has walked through his whole life, going from one extreme to another and finally finding a voice recently as he has began to share his work with others with a craft that he developed over the years, pretty much in the dark, without much external input. It is a fresh and unencumbered accounting of all the emotional debris that has swept around a life that first found solace and acceptance in the streets of the Los Angeles punk scene in the 1980's and moved to the east coast to hustle on Wall Street to make a living, always keeping the spirit and sound of punk rock music alive in his mind and soul, only to finally find a way of reconciling the past in a lyrical style that is informed by all the struggle his life has seen up until now. The roller coaster ride of winning and losing and winning and losing over and over resonates with those who have faced similar struggles from all walks of life.
punkhostagepress.com Publishing Ransom Notes Until the Punk Gets It

The book came about from a chapbook that was put together for Danny's first reading in December of 2011. Billy Burgos did the cover art and helped with the layout, with Melissa Alvarado and Rafael Alvarado helping as well. The chapbook was completed just in time for the reading that night at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Venice, CA, and Danny Baker made quite an impression on everyone in attendance as well as the other writers who were reading that night, A. Razor, Iris Berry, Annette Cruz, Dennis Cruz with Richard Modiano hosting and S.A. Griffin reading in tribute to Scott Wannberg as well. The end result was that when Iris and Razor planned to start Punk Hostage Press, they felt that Danny's chapbook deserved to be expanded into a book, edited by A. Razor, keeping the original artwork and design by Billy Burgos, and becoming the first book published by Punk Hostage Press.

Punk Hostage Press is looking to release many more titles in the very near future, starting with the long awaited "Better Than A Knife In A Gun Fight" by A. Razor, which has been edited by Iris Berry. Also, Iris Berry's "The Daughters Of Bastards". The books are expected to be finished and available by the end of April and March, 2012, respectively. Also on the horizon is the anthology "Notes From A Punk Rock Crash Pad" edited by Iris Berry and Pleasant Gehman and including the subversively sublime stories from many authors who carried on lifestyles that would fit nicely underneath that title.

Punk Hostage Press is really a culmination of the years on the street and the family of cast offs that have found each other there over all these years and that looks forward to growing more in the years to come. One of the important future goals that is vital to the core of what Iris and Razor have planned, includes the creation of a non-profit organization that sends literature and conducts groups inside institutions such as prisons, jails, shelters, treatment programs and gives something substantial back to those who also have struggled and have survived, in order to maybe be an aid to those whose voice still needs to heard above the sounds of the impending chaotic doom in this world.

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