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Phony Lid Books

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Phony Lid Books is a publishing company located in Los Angeles.



Phony Lid Books was founded in 1998 by Kelly Dessaint. The first publication was the journal Vagabond Review. After three issues of Vagabond, Phony Lid branched out into chapbooks with the acclaimed Pick Pocket Books and later, paperback originals.


Paperback Originals

Pick Pocket Books

  • "A Perfect Night for Bloodless Love" poems by Arlene Ang (illustrated by Ang Kiukok)
  • "The Luckiest Girl" a short story by Joi Brozek (illustrated by Greg Oakes)
  • "Just Add Water" poems by JJ Campbell
  • "Under the Volcano" poems by Alan Catlin
  • "Girlfriend Dada" poems by Stan Coldrum
  • "Pork Bellies and the Saki Bottle" a short story by Arin Greenwood (illustrated by Claudio Parentela)
  • "The Bum on Your Avenue" poems by John Grey
  • "The Bad Thing" a poem by S.A. Griffin (illustrated by Blair Wilson)
  • "Trent Reznor Wants My Ass" comics by Brian Hagen
  • "Oscar" poems by Laura Joy Lustig (illustrated by Lindsay Wilson)
  • "Bitchslapped" poems and stories by Catfish McDaris (illustrated by Mike Tolento)
  • "Shotgun Blues" by Todd Moore
  • "Come on with the rain" poems by C. Mulrooney
  • "The Earth Grew Fangs" poems by Trey Pool
  • "The Salvador Dali Toylet" by Joe R. (illustrated by Michael LaBash)
  • "As The Day Is Long" poems by David Rowe
  • "Under an Abusive Sun" poems by Mark Senkus (illustrated by Harland Ristau)
  • "Diversionary Vacuousness" poems by G. Tod Slone
  • "Read Me?" poems and drawings by Jennifer Stanley
  • "Fizz" a short story by Paul A. Toth (illustrated by Donald Hash)
  • "diary of a bootlicker" poems by Joseph Verrilli (illustrated by Norman J. Olson)
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