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Paul Corman-Roberts

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Paul Corman-Roberts

Paul Corman-Roberts (b. 25 September 1967) is an American poet, author, editor and activist. He has worked most of his life as a labor union activist (ILWU, CWA,SEIU) an arts activist (he was a co-founder of the Wasteland Comedy Troupe in Las Vegas NV) and even for a few years as a member of the United States Air Force (820th RED HORSE.)[1] He is the author of Coming World/Gone World (Howling Dog Press, 2006), Obituaries Found On the Backs of Cocktail Napkins, an online chapbook, (Zygote in my Coffee, 2007) and Neocom(Muter) (Tainted Coffee Press, 2009.) Paul was the poetry editor for Cherry Bleeds, an online literary magazine, and e/print chap editor for Full of Crow Press.

Born in Los Angeles, raised in Humboldt County, he now currently resides in Oakland CA. Paul holds a MA/MFA degree in Poetics from New College of California.


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