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Patrick King

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Patrick King
Patrick King.jpg
Patrick King
Birth Date August 21, 1980
Language English
Citizenship American
Genre Fiction
Website http://www.themugwumpcorporation.com/

Patrick King (b. 21 August 1980) is an American author, editor, and publisher. He is the editor and publisher of The Mugwump Corporation, a humor and music blog he started in 2011. Kuboa Press published the last novel by King titled Exit Nothing.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Early life and education

King was raised in Birmingham, Alabama and lived in Philadelphia before moving to his present home near Baltimore, MD.

[edit] Literary career

King was a member of Underground Literary Alliance from 2003-2007. He left ULA in March 2007 to co-found The Guild of Outsider Writers. In 2008 he helped co-found The Outsider Writers Collective, which became The Outsider Writers Collective and Press. King left OW in 2010 to write about movies and music at CC2K and started his humor and music blog The Mugwump Corporation in late 2011.

[edit] Select Works

[edit] Fiction

[edit] Reviews

[edit] External links

[edit] Notes and references

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