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Michael D. Grover

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Michael D. Grover at Bela Dubby in Cleveland 2010

Michael D. Grover in an American poet, editor, publisher and literary activist. He is the founding editor and publisher of Covert Press and the head poetry editor at Red Fez Publications. He was a key member of the Guild of Outsider Writers.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Early life and education

Grover was born in West Palm Beach, Florida and raised in the Lake Worth area. He wrote most of his life, but never had a lot to do with his writing as he considered Florida a cultural wasteland. In the mid-nineties he did scream for a couple of punk rock bands and toured the country twice with the band New Day. The first time in the bed of a pick-up truck, and the second time in a van. New Day released two seven inches.

[edit] Literary career

In 1997 Grover decided to leave Florida and move to Los Angeles. He packed everything in his car and drove coast to coast in three days straight across I-10. Upon arriving in L.A. Grover was introduced to slam and the performance aspect of poetry. He quickly found Larry Jaffe's Poetic License reading which was in Pasadena at the time. With all of the talent around him he decided he had to get real good real fast. Right after the reading had moved to The Moon Dog Cafe in Hollywood Grover had earned his first feature there. He was featuring with a pretty well known poet in the area at the time so he read first. After he read she threw her hands in the air and said, "How can I follow that?" and walked out. In 2000 Grover left L.A.. He went back to Florida for a while. Jaffe had trained him how to host a reading, and he hosted a couple of little things but it was still a cultural wasteland.

In 2003 Grover moved to Philadelphia. He founded the Uni-Verse-All Voices reading with Natalie Felix. This reading started out at The Five Spot, and ended up at the Friends Meeting House. In 2006 Grover started www.covertpoetics.com with Devin D'Andrea and Gil Marder.

In 2006 Grover moved back to Florida and went to college. While there he hosted a monthly reading at a coffee shop in Port Saint Lucie. In 2007 he started Covert Press.

The Summer of 2008 was a Summer that changed his life. He had just graduated with an associates degree in IT and was looking to move out of Florida again. In June he read at the Connecticut Beat Poetry Festival where he stayed in the same hotel room with seven other male poets and one female the group became known as The Beards. Fellow Beard John Dorsey told him of The Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio, where he lived and was a cheap place for artists to live. Grover had further adventures with The Beards at The Unregulated Word festival in Kansas City later that month. Within a month later he had decided to move to the Collingwood, set up an appointment with the artist review board, and loaded up his car once again and drove to Toledo.

Just about right away after moving into the arts center Grover and Dorsey took over the reading that was held every Tuesday night at the arts center, and started bringing monthly features in. Some local some from out of town. They ran that reading for two years before giving it up. At the time they gave up the reading they started hosting a monthly reading at the Ground Level Coffee House.

While living in Ohio Grover continued to perform in festivals such as Zygote In My City, and Snowetry, hosting readings and festivals in Philadelphia and Toledo. In May of 2010 Grover was named head poetry editor of Red Fez Publications. He was instrumental in bringing the legendary "Zygote in my Fez" reading to Collingwood.

Grover's poetry has appeared all over the literary underground in places like Cause & Effect, Citizen 32, Alphabeat Soup, The San Gabriel Poetry Quarterly, Mad Poets Review, Philadelphia Poets and the anthologies One Drop: To Be The Color Black, West Memphis Witchhunt, and My Time: The Lunch Break Book and online including www.saintvituspress.com, www.outsiderwriters.org, www.getunderground.com, www.dyingwriters.com, DecomP Literary Magazine, Zygote In My Coffee, Redfez.net, Whirlygigzine, and Beat The Dust.

He has published over a dozen chapbooks of poetry and his first collection is coming out soon. In 2015 Michael published his first novel Lockwood/The Wolves Of Lockwood. In the year 2018 Grover has plans to bring back Covert Press which is currently on hiatus. Cockelbur Press plans to start publishing his epic poem Confessions Of An American Outlaw.

In 2015 Michael was diagnosed with cancer. Michael currently lives in the woods of Bronson, Florida if you can find him.

[edit] Books

  • 1997- The Chaos Of Angels (Self published)
  • 1999- Three Thousand Nooses (Self published)
  • 2005- Hydra (Covert Press)
  • 2006- Transmissions From Third World america (Covert Press)
  • 2007- The Man That Lives In The Park (Covert Press)
  • 2008- And Death Is All Around Us . . . (Covert Press)
  • 2009- The Cleveland Sutra (Covert Press)
  • 2009- The Lost Love Poems (Covert Press)
  • 2010- Love Poems For Toledo (Covert Press)
  • 2010- Confessions Of An american Outlaw version 1 (Covert Press)
  • 2011- Confessions Of An american Outlaw version 2 (Covert Press)
  • 2014- Some People Go Crazy (Citizens for Decent Literature Press)
  • 2015- Lockewood/The Wolves Of Lockewood (Hipity Scotch Press)
  • 2017- Fuck Cancer Poems (Blood Pudding Press)
  • 2018- Dancing Too Close To Open Graves (Covert Press)
  • (upcoming) 2018- Confessions of an American Outlaw (Cockelbur Press)
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