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Mathias Nelson

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Mathias Nelson

Mathias Nelson (b. 1984) is an American author living in Wisconsin.


[edit] Biography

Early life and Education

Due to an unknown scalp condition during childhood, Mathias was marked with dents and bald spots that taught him strong empathy for other people with problems, which later became beneficial to his writing. "I was terrified that the kids would find out that I had bald spots because they would undoubtedly heckle me for the rest of my life (so one assumes when young). I was unaware of hair gels or sprays that would help me to part my hair and cover the spots, so I used to sleep in certain positions at night to mold my hair, to press it into place. The wind was my enemy. The rain. I wouldn’t go swimming. Kids would try to mess up my hair because they could tell I had tried to shape it, and I’d have to fight them off for what would normally be a silly, unimportant thing. I remember one boy that was relentless, like his whole day revolved around fucking with my hair. I had to resort to choking him in the school bathroom, with a cast that I had around my forearm." This, among other things, began his reclusive lifestyle.

Mathias Nelson started writing in High School, due to general apathy for what was being taught. "I glanced at the teacher as he read it [my story] at his desk. By the time he was done, hunched forward with his head in his hand and his mouth open like some idiot, he scowled and gave me this piercing, awestruck look, and it freaked me the hell out for a moment. I quickly looked away, but couldn’t get the image out of my head. That’s when I knew, when he looked at me like that, that something was happening."

He taught himself the basic mechanics of grammar, and his writing is fueled with intuition and passion, rather than form.

Literary career

Mathias Nelson self published his first chapbook, They May Try to Kill Me for This. It was a limited edition of around 70 copies.

His first full-length collection of poetry, Dip My Pacifier in Whiskey, was published by NYQ Books.

He's had poetry/stories in noteworthy magazines, such as The Sun, Rattle, and The New York Quarterly.

[edit] Recognition

Tony O'Neill acknowledged Mathias's work early on, "Mathias Nelson's poetry makes me excited about the US poetry scene again. This is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen, the kind of poems that make you forget that the whole artform is dying on its feet, makes you think that maybe - just maybe - that this Mathias guy with his beautiful, fucked up, dazzling poems could be part of something that will shake the whole scene to its foundations."

[edit] Selected Works


[edit] Further Reading


"They may try to kill me for this" reviewed by Christeene Fraser "Dip My Pacifier in Whiskey" reviewed by Christopher Crawford

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