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Mary Ann Loesch

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Mary Ann Loesch (b. 7 MAR 1974) is an American writer and author of the urban fantasy, Nephilim, due to be published by Lyrical Press Inc., in July 2011. She is also a contributer to the anthology All Things Dark and Dastardly, as well as, the Red Fez anthology simply called Red Reader #1. In addition to these publications, Ms. Loesch has also won several writing awards, including the Writers League of Texas Manuscript Contest in 2009.

She is an active blogger, contributing to All Things Writing and Loesch's Muse. Quirky, humorous, and sometimes serious, Mary Ann's writing style is a cross between Eudora Welty and Jim Butcher.

[edit] Personal Life

Though a writer for most of her life, Mary Ann didn't get serious about the craft until the birth of her daughter. It was then that she sat down, figured out the mechanics of polished writing and began her first novel. She formed the writing group Centex Writing, which eventually became known as All Things Writing, a group dedicated to helping writers learn about self promotion in the publishing industry. Loesch currently lives in Austin, Texas.

[edit] Nephilim

Nephilim was the winner of the Writers League of Texas Manuscript contest in 2009. An urban fantasy about an angel living on earth as a tattoo artist who specializes in tattooing symbols representing the seven deadly sins, the book went through considerable rewrites before finding a home with Lyrical Press, Inc. It is scheduled for publication in July 2011.

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